• Increasing Efficiency for ITOCHU

    Increasing Efficiency for ITOCHU

    ITOCHU, a leading Japanese trading company, has 130 bases in 67 countries around the globe.  Keeping these global offices working together efficiently takes good communication.  When ITOCHU wanted to enhance their ICT capabilities for their […]

  • The Latest in Virtualization

    The Latest in Virtualization

    NTT Communications is at the forefront of virtualization technology. We launched the first SDN-enabled private cloud in 2012, and this past month we were the first to commercialize SDN/NFV-enabled services on a global scale. We […]

  • Enterprise Cloud Cuts Customer IT Costs By 30%

    Enterprise Cloud Cuts Customer IT Costs By 30%

    Expanding across the globe means navigating different languages and new business customs.  It’s communicating effectively and efficiently to achieve business goals and unify offices.  In an NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud case study, we take a […]

  • Instant Activation Through Arcstar Universal One

    Instant Activation Through Arcstar Universal One

    NTT Communications launched the first suite of services to be instantly activated online through our updated Arcstar Universal One service.  The improved service is enabled with both Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization […]

  • Manage Administration & Push Innovation

    Manage Administration & Push Innovation

    Time is money, and smart management can save both.  Smart management relies on good communication to make sure everyone is on the same page and operations are running smoothly.  This is where NTT Communications comes […]

  • Enterprise Cloud Made Simple

    Enterprise Cloud Made Simple

    As global enterprises expand into new markets, open new offices and make new partners, they manage growing infrastructures and an enormous wealth of data. NTT Communications supports customer’s global expansion by minimizing complexity. We offer […]

  • Build Your Own Management Solution

    Build Your Own Management Solution

    When it comes to IT management solutions, one size doesn’t fit all.  Thats why NTT Communications offers scalable custom-fit solutions, that put customers in control.  Our remote infrastructure management service, Global Management One, offers end-to-end […]

  • Partner with Experience

    Partner with Experience

    In the business world, connections are everything. When you’re connected to NTT Communications, you have global ICT expertise behind you and new opportunities on the horizon. Named Best Managed Services Provider of 2014 at the […]

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