Criteo, a fast growing advertising technology company, relies on NTT Communications robust infrastructure. Operating 27 locations across Europe, the Americas and Asia, Criteo deals with an enormous amount of big data, storing 26TB of fresh data every day. Their predictive technology works with 8500 advertisers. The ad tech company bids in real time for ad space, determines which products will most likely receive clicks, creates a banner, and displays it in under 100 milliseconds. To do that, they need a robust infrastructure and reliable connectivity. That’s why Criteo chose NTT Communications’ TK5 data center to host its services in Tokyo and the Financial Data Center in Hong Kong. To ensure fast and secure data transfer between Tokyo and Europe, Criteo relies on private links between Tokyo and Amsterdam as well as a private link based on the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE). Download the case study and learn how NTT Communications can anticipate the needs of your growing enterprise.

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