With the acquisition of e-shelter, Germany’s top data center operator, NTT Communications will become Europe’s 3rd largest data center operator. The acquisition increases our net server space in Europe from 19,500 to 92,000 sq meters, more than quadrupling our footprint on the continent. Prior to the acquisition, NTT Communications provided data center service to London, Madrid, Paris and Frankfurt. The e-shelter acquisition now expands NTT Communications to five new cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, and Vienna. The investment includes Europe’s largest data center, e-shelter’s Campus Frankfurt 1, with over 40,000 sq meters of server room space. This acquisition places NTT Communications in the #3 position for server space in Europe. According to Gartner, the EU data center market is growing 9% per year.  At NTT Communications, we continue to invest in data centers and increase our global footprint to meet this growing demand. Investing in a data center leader to meet demand across an entire continent, that’s how we put communications at the core of IT. That’s what you can expect from a global ICT leader.

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