NTT Communications’ Kazuhiro Gomi interviewed David Kenny at Bloomberg The Year Ahead 2015. The Chairman and CEO of The Weather Company sheds light on how enterprises are using cloud computing. Kenny shared The Weather Company’s cloud journey and how cloud computing helped them increase from 1 billion forecasts to delivering 11 billion forecasts around the world. By moving a bulk of their data to the cloud, The Weather Company was able to cut unit costs by about 90%. This enabled them to deliver ten times the number of forecasts while keeping overall costs the same. With lower costs and greater flexibility, the cloud helps enterprises expand across the globe.

NTT Communications is focused on bringing our customers solutions that fit their unique enterprise needs. That’s why our Enterprise Cloud gives customers greater control with self-manageable solutions. Through the global customer portal customers can easily optimize their resources and cut costs, so they only pay for the computing resources they need. Understanding where enterprises’ want to take their business and giving them the power to get there, that’s how we put communication at the core of IT.  That’s what you can expect from an ICT partner.

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