Bhargov Sri Prahash, Founder and CEO of FriendsLearn joined Kazuhiro Gomi, CEO of NTT America, at Bloomberg The Year Ahead 2015 to discuss cloud computing. FriendsLearn is a startup in Silicon Valley focused on mobile interventions that tackle childhood obesity. Bhargov Sri Prahash shares how the cloud is key to deploying and scaling FriendsLearn in new markets.

At NTT Communications, we make it easy for customers to expand around the world. Our Enterprise Cloud is enabled with SDN, which offers flexible and scalable solutions for our customers. The Enterprise Cloud features on demand network virtualization and bandwidth, so customers can ramp up bandwidth during systems migration or heavy traffic and scale back down afterwards. Our flexible and scalable solutions help customers grow and scale their operations around the globe. Offering seamless solutions for companies with a global vision, that’s how we put communications at the core of IT. That’s what you can expect from a global ICT partner.

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