Takashi Ooi, Senior Vice President of Network Services at NTT Communications delivered the keynote address at the SDN and NFV Summit and the Ethernet Carrier Forum. The SDN and NFV Summit is an important conference for the fast growing virtualization industry. In his talk, “Transformation of Enterprise Network for the Changing Business Environment”, Takashi Ooi spoke about network virtualization and evolving technology. He also addressed networking challenges of the distributed enterprise and how NFV can help overcome these challenges. Ooi also shared how the virtualization technology will change business models. Ooi was not the only NTT Communications speaker at the event. Director of Network Services, Kempei Fukuda, also spoke at the Carrier Ethernet Forum. Fukuda discussed carrier ethernet drive cloud and also highlighted the benefits of being ethernet driven. As a leader in virtualization technology, we continue to participate in and share our expertise at industry events. Kicking off the discussion of virtualization technology at one of the industry’s most prominent events, that’s how we put communications at the core of IT. That’s what you can expect from a global ICT partner.

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SDN:NFV Summit Ooi Keynote SDN:NFV Summit Ooi Keynote

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