NTT Communications enhanced its SDN-enabled Enterprise Cloud with SDN upgrades to improve network management.  IT managers have had many self-service options on the server-side and now network administrators are gaining increased flexibility for managing network connections.  With the upgraded service, network administrators can now directly manage network settings in the customer portal.  Network administrators can modify internet circuits connected to the cloud infrastructure in real-time.  The upgraded customer portal allows administrators to immediately establish, eliminate or change internet circuits, as well as add global IP addresses.  Bandwidth can also be modified within a wide range, from 10Mbp to 1Gbps, and adjusted as needed.  For example, a user may scale up bandwidth during peak access and then scale back down when traffic returns to normal.  With increased flexibility and control over network management, enterprises can reduce workloads and accelerate business expansion.  At NTT Communications we continue to improve our services to bring our customers the best solutions.  Upgrading the Enterprise cloud with SDN to increase network management capabilities, that’s how we put communications at the core of IT.  That’s what you can expect from an ICT partner.

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