As the world becomes increasingly connected through IT, outsourcing helps companies keep up with business demands.  Outsourcing requires communication across time zones to meet deadlines and utilize skills from around the globe. As outsourcing increases, Bangalore, India has become the number one IT outsourcing destination in the world.  The city has become a hub for companies looking to outsource IT infrastructure hosting and management.  To keep up with the amount of data and computing going through Bangalore, NTT Communications teamed up with NTT group company, Netmagic Solutions to build a new data center.  The construction of the 100,000 square footage facility marks the companies’ first collaboration from the ground up.  Netmagic Solutions and NTT Communications will facilitate global outsourcing by supplying the much needed data center space to the world’s IT outsourcing hub.  Combining expertise to share resources around the world, that’s how we put communications at the core of IT.  That’s what you can expect from a global ICT partner.

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Growth in Bangalore

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