ICT is in your break room.  ICT is Information Communication Technology, and it runs your office.  It’s no surprise that ICT plays an important role in your office communications.  Email, computers and smartphones are ubiquitous to the office space, but what about the packages delivered, alarm systems set, and even vending machines stocked for refreshment breaks.  The soda on your desk was bottled by machinery, loaded and transported across cities, so that you could grab a quick caffeine jolt.  This relies on a complex infrastructure of data centers and the network connecting them around the globe, to bring all these logistics perfectly in sync.  At NTT Communications we understand all the small things that come together to make things run smoothly, that’s why we continue to boost our offerings to simplify cloud virtualization.  We completed the acquisition of cloud services provider, Virtela, adding their NFV technology to our portfolio of cloud services.  Your office relies on companies around the world to make your day run smoothly, and we do too.  NTT Communications continues to build our portfolio of services through smart acquisitions to give our customers the best solutions to choose from.  With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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Virtela Increases Selection of Cloud Services

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