ICT is working around the globe, in fact, it’s orbiting it at this very moment.  ICT is Information Communication Technology and it facilitates business operations around the world. The satellite launched and currently orbiting the earth, communicating and collecting data relies on a complex infrastructure of data centers and the network connecting them around the world.  NTT Communications continues to strengthen this infrastructure by acquiring services and companies that complement our own and expand our global presence.  Ovum reported that NTT Communications’ nine acquisitions since 2012 represent one of the biggest expansions of global ICT services.  This past year alone, we doubled our data center square footage with an 80% stake in RagingWire and increased our global coverage by adding 30 countries to our global footprint through the acquisition of Virtela.  We continue to build our network to keep up with customer demand.  At NTT Communications we are always growing to operate around the globe.  With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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NTT Communications’ Acquisitions Cover the Globe


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