Getting your work done while doing a load of laundry is ICT.  ICT is Information Communication Technology, and it connects you to businesses, people and information around the globe, allowing you to seamlessly work from home.  ICT is the web-conferencing tools that allow you to host an international meeting from your home office or work on a presentation with your partner across the country.  At NTT Communications, we understand that work has become increasingly mobile, and that people work beyond the corporate office. With this in mind, we recently invested in Arkadin, the world’s third-largest collaboration solutions provider, to enhance our communication offerings. Arkadin has 32,000 clients around the world, they offer conference-related solutions including audio, web, video conferencing and unified communications services.  NTT Communications knows that communication is central to every business operation and we work to bring our customers the best solutions, wherever they are working.  With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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NTT Communications and Arkadin Unite for Better Communications Solutions

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