Whether you’re meeting clients across the ocean or transporting them over it, your business relies on ICT.  ICT is Information Communication Technology, and it keeps businesses on course around the globe.  From the network of air traffic controllers communicating with your pilot to the flight tracker app showing your flight is on time, ICT keeps things running smoothly.  At NTT Communications, enterprises around the globe depend on our ICT services for their everyday business operations and to support their global expansion.  We continue to support our customers’ needs by investing in complementary companies, including the recently completed Virtela acquisition.  The acquisition of this leading cloud-based network services provider has enhanced our portfolio of cloud services and expanded our coverage to over 190 countries.  We are adding Virtela’s NFV technology to our cloud-based network services, boosting our virtualization capabilities.  At NTT Communications we continue investing in companies to offer the best solutions for our customers.  With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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Virtela Acquisition Leads to Smooth Cloud Migration

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