Business depends on the communication between partners across the globe.  At NTT Communications, we facilitate this communication by investing in strategic partners around the world to strengthen our infrastructure and offer our customers the best ICT solutions.  One of our most recent partnerships is with leading US data center services provider, RagingWire.  We recently invested $350 million for an 80% equity interest in RagingWire Data Centers.

RagingWire’s 650,000 square feet of data center space more than doubled our global data center square footage.  In addition to their two massive facilities in Sacramento and Ashburn, RagingWire has plans for two more data centers, adding another 1.5 million square feet of space.  With the US market accounting for over 50% of data center global demand, our investment in these growing facilities will allow NTT Communications to better serve the data center demand in North America.

Along with increasing our overall capacity, our data center services will be bolstered by RagingWire’s patented designs, availability, innovation and customer experience.  We are already introducing RagingWire’s patented 2N+2TM design throughout our data centers around the world.  The advanced technology allows double redundancy of a standard data center design at a lower cost, enabling the delivery of customer SLAs for 100% availability, even during maintenance periods and utility disruptions.

RagingWire maintains a minority interest in the company and will continue to operate under the brand, while gaining the benefits of NTT Communications’ global presence.  The partnership will allow them to extend their data center platform globally, expand their market and add strategic value for their customers.

Our investment in RagingWire allows us to better serve the growing US market while enhancing our data center services around the globe.  The partnership is mutually beneficial to RagingWire, expanding their market through our global presence.  As your global ICT partner, we continue to invest in companies around the world to bring our clients the best ICT solutions and facilitate your partnerships around the world.

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