At NTT Communications we work to bring our customers the best ICT solutions.  Whether that’s zeroing in on the financial district to give our clients a competitive edge in the Asian market or achieving LEED certified gold ratings for our green data centers.  We work to make our global infrastructure better around the world, and our Hong Kong Financial Data Center, FDC, is a perfect example.

The FDC is strategically located in the hub of the Asian financial district.  We built the essential infrastructure for the financial services industry to remain competitive in the Asian financial hubs.  The facility is also connected to our data centers in Singapore and Tokyo providing rack to rack seamless connection among the three financial hubs.

This connection is streamlined through the co-locating Asian Submarine-Cable Express (ASE) which connects major business locations through the shortest possible route and bypasses seismically active areas.  Through the ASE, the FDC gains direct access to important business hubs including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia with low risk and minimum latency.

While breaking ground in the financial district, we also gained gold for our advanced green technologies.  Our Hong Kong FDC was LEED Gold Certified for our green design, construction, and operations.  With features including enhanced filtration and a direct sunlight office tower to reduce lighting consumption, we maximized efficiency.  We also continue to facilitate green operations through the management of electronic waste, water, and indoor air quality.

At NTT Communications we work to bring our customers the best ICT solutions, and that means continuing to build and expand upon our infrastructure and services.  We built the Hong Kong FDC facility to bring value to our customers in the financial services industry, and along the way we gained gold, well, LEED Gold Certification.  We continue to build with our client needs and the future in mind.

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