Gaming is a booming industry melding art and technology for communities of players around the globe.  When these tribes of gamers escape to their sprawling virtual worlds through their computer screens, they are actually traveling through a network of data centers connected around the globe.  That’s ICT, Information Communication Technology, the infrastructure of data centers and the network connecting and storing data.  At NTT Communications we continue to build our global infrastructure of data centers to facilitate business around the world.  We recently completed an 80% stake investment in RagingWire.  The deal doubled our data center square footage, expanding our presence in the US.  Whether your business relies on massive warehouses to house your product, or your product lives within data centers, we continue to meet your business demands by growing our global infrastructure.  With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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NTT Communications Powers Up Data Centers With RagingWire Investment

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