No man is an island. Whether it is across the street or across an ocean, we need to connect to each other to prosper. We build bridges not for aesthetics or pleasantries, but simply because we need to. These bridges are built through a complex process of communication between people, software, and technology. That’s ICT, Information Communication Technology. Without it, we miss out on the vast resources we can offer each other without having to specialize in everything ourselves. NTT Communications understands the value of connections in order compliment the services we offer. With our recent acquisition of Arkadin, we gain the expertise of the world’s third-largest provider of collaboration solutions for audio, web and video conferencing. Through Arkadin’s established presence in thirty-two countries, NTT Communications can utilize their infrastructure to expand our own Arcstar UCaaS cloud-based unified communication services. We want our customers to have the best offerings, so we find the best partners to complement our services. With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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NTT Communications Finalizes Acquisition of Arkadin

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