Everything working together in harmony relies on ICT, and SDN technology helps to find that balance. SDN is more than just storing and computing. When used to it’s full potential, it can control network resources, virtual machines, and VM application-level network configuration. Virtela was recently recognized for furthering SDN capabilities by TMC, the global integrated media company that publishes the print and online magazines Internet Telephony Magazine and SDN Zone. Virtela was specifically recognized for its Cloud SDN Orchestration Platform, the only global cloud platform purpose-built for enterprise networking, security and mobility. Like a conductor in front of an orchestra, it monitors the whole set while playing up specific departments when they are needed and downplaying them during non-critical hours. Since our acquisition of Virtela this past year, we are proud to perform alongside the award-winning innovator and to keep offering our customers the most advance SDN offerings. With communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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Virtela’s Award-winning Performance in 2013

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