Traffic runs on ICT.  From the traffic organized and dispersed on the highways of your commute to your digital workflow managed through your virtualized network, ICT is present all around us.  Just as ICT facilitates electronic toll collection for express lanes, SDN can adjust bandwidth to handle high-traffic workloads.  It is the equivalent of opening a new lane of traffic, all for you, without having to pay for it during non-critical hours.  NTT Communications’, provider of the first SDN-enabled enterprise cloud, is a pioneer in the SDN landscape.  With partners like Virtela, winner of the Excellence in SDN Awards for 2013, NTT Communications continues to apply SDN technology to new areas and innovate the way you do business.  NTT Communications’ innovations in SDN technology and applications continue to open new roads for cloud adoption. With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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Communication at the core of IT is the fastest way to work.

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