The need for data center space is growing. It’s becoming a natural part of the business world to require adequate data center space if businesses intend to expand. At NTT Communications, we understand this need and continue to build new data centers to meet our potential clients’ demand. In 2013, we completed building data centers in Japan, China and the UK, and have set plans for building facilities in 2014 in India, Malaysia, and Thailand.  We understand the need for more data centers and continue to grow our presence around the globe.

As this demand increases, so does our need to look after the planet we live on. All of NTT Communications’ data centers have green intentions. We aim to lower emissions from commercial data centers as well as establish good environmental practices with our partners in order to ensure a long life for your business and our planet. With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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Cultivating Data Center Growth

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