Credit cards utilize Information Communication Technology to take care of all your business necessities. From the single-serving coffee cups your employees rely on, to transporting your product overseas, ICT handles all your day to day expenses. ICT allows all your purchases to be made electronically, saving you one of your most precious commodities, time. ICT streamlines the business process to save you time and make your relationship with your global partners easier. At NTT Communications, we continue expanding our list of global partners. We have recently purchased an 80% stake in RagingWire data centers and have announced our plans to wholly acquire the managed virtualized network operator Virtela, doubling our data center square footage and expanding our global network to 190 regions. These investments strengthen our connections around the globe, making business transactions with your global partners easier. From all the transactions your company makes, to the multitude of accounts stored within data centers, ICT is responsible for making every business purchase. With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

ICT Facilitates Your Business Transactions

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