Your business is built on a foundation of ICT.  That’s Information Communication Technology, a network of data centers connected and communicating around the world so that international business partners can share data as if they were neighbors.  ICT facilitates your every business operation, right down to your physical office.  Your office building was rendered in design programs, modeled in 3D software, wired and connected to an infrastructure of technology, and on top of that, comes with a view overlooking the city.  At NTT Communications we strengthen your ICT foundation by continuing to improve and innovate our ICT offerings.  In the last year we have launched the first enterprise cloud to utilize SDN technology.  Our Enterprise Cloud was named Most Innovative Enterprise Offering Award at the Telecom Service Provider Innovation Awards.  Continuing to build on a foundation of innovative technology is how we facilitate your growth. With Communications at our core, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

Building on a Foundation of Award-Winning ICT

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