Crossing oceans takes experts on both shores. Designers in Paris turn to manufacturers in China who depend on materials from India, before selling to retail giants around the world. That’s ICT, the underlying connections that facilitate global business.  ICT is Information Communication Technology. Communication is what makes IT work better.  At NTT Communications, we continue to build a network of leading experts from around the world.  We most recently announced our plans to wholly acquire Virtela and purchase an 80% stake in RagingWire to extend our presence in the US. Beginning with India’s leading cloud infrastructure provider, Netmagic Solutions, this will make nine new acquisitions for NTT Communications since January 2012. According to an Ovum study, this two year period represents one of the largest expansions of global ICT services, and proves NTT Communications can match other global telecom leaders. By weaving a growing network across the globe, we put communication at the center of IT.  At NTT Communications, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

Acquiring Global Experts

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