Front row tickets are ICT, that’s Information Communication Technology.  Catching the email alert from your favorite band, charging the tickets to your credit card, printing them out and getting close enough that it’s worth the hearing loss, all rely on the physical infrastructure of data centers and the networks connecting them all.  These seemingly invisible tasks are actually complex connections strung around the globe and housed in data centers. With each new connection our infrastructure becomes stronger, and that is why NTT Communications recently acquired data center operator RagingWire. The acquisition adds their massive facilities to our growing list of over 150 data centers worldwide, more than doubling our data center square footage in the process.  RagingWire’s high end facilities are located in Ashburn, Virginia, one of the world’s busiest telecommunication hubs, and Sacramento, California, a seismically stable area near Silicon Valley.  NTT Communications will continue to grow and expand in the US to support your global expansion. Our worldwide infrastructure helps you get where you want to be, whether that’s the front row of a concert or sourcing supplies in Shanghai.  Adding new connections is how we put communication at the core of IT.  At NTT Communications, we are more than IT. We are ICT.

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RagingWire Acquisition in the News

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