As for the Big Data Analysis, NTT and a startup company originating at the University of Tokyo collaborated to developed a new system. The effort will be broadcast on TV “jibtv”.

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Frontier Innovators – Breakthroughs in Big Data Analysis 
As societies become more dependent on data, they need systems that are able to process large amounts of it. NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and a startup company originating at the University of Tokyo, Preferred Infrastructure, collaborated to develop Jubatus. It is a distributed processing framework characterized by real-time functionality, large-scale processing, and deep analysis functions. Unlike many powerful systems, though, it has been made available to the public for use free of charge. The broadcast follows the developers of Jubatus and presents their views on the possibilities and future of big data analysis.

Channel: jibtv (Japan International Broadcasting Inc.)

Broadcast schedule (UTC): Mar 22nd, 0:30-, 4:30-, 8:30-, 12:30-, 16:30-, 20:30-

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