Simon Church IntegralisIntegralis is the world’s leading provider of managed and professional services for IT security and information risk management. With offices all over the globe, Integralis provides expert solutions for establishing data confidentiality, integrity of business, and systems and applications availability. In 2009, NTT Communications completed their acquisition of the security services company, guaranteeing a new partner in IT security solutions. When we sat down with Integralis CEO Simon Church, he expressed his enthusiasm over the marriage between the two organizations.

At the time of the acquisition 3 years ago, Church recalls, NTT Communications was looking for a security services provider that combined professional and managed service. Integralis fit the bill, and “since then it’s been a very interesting, exciting relationship,” says Church. Church’s experience is quite impressive, having held the titles of Managing Director, then COO at Integralis prior to being named CEO last year. He points out that in an IT landscape where there is quite a lot of divestiture and diversification, Integralis has remained true to its core values as a pure-play company, which he has found to be what clients are looking for. When asked what other values Church is proud of, he cites “honesty, capability and long-term viability in a relationship [which] fits very nicely with the NTT Com business culture.” In their partnership with NTT Communications, Integralis is able to continue to provide pure-play services but expand their client base to include those of NTT Com as well.

The relationship between the two companies has continued to grow closer, with Integralis working with NTT America and on joint projects with NTT Com. Church points out that besides providing security services to NTT Communications’ clients, they are hard at work on their next generation managed security services platform that is expected to debut as the newest, best-in-breed platform in the marketplace.

“That’s very exciting because that’s the first brand-new, ground-up service from a security point of view that’s been built in the marketplace for over ten years [and] without NTT, we couldn’t… do that,” says Church.

The new platform, he continues, will utilize network operation centers globally and provide them to clients, while at the same time allowing for the involvement of other NTT affiliates such as Emerio. The increase in new business is sure to benefit the entire group in addition to clients of both NTT Com and Integralis. Ultimately, concludes Church, this new platform will enable Integralis to provide a much more complete, all-encompassing services approach. The combination of managed security services with professional services and best-in-breed technology will result in much broader and deeper services available to multinational or large national corporations. Additional future plans include providing outsourced security departments to organizations as well as overseeing the insourcing of security operations centers for enterprises that opt not to outsource.

The pairing of NTT Communications and Integralis has been and continues to be a fruitful one. Church has enjoyed being able to provide a more complete service to clients moving toward the cloud, looking for network and data center infrastructure and answers to questions about topics on the cutting-edge of IT, such as BYOD. Their relationship with NTT Com has been a great facilitator to these conversations and the interaction now frequent with NTT Communications affiliates is an added bonus. Church describes the union as a “fantastic opportunity for us… while still remaining true to our values, that pure-play piece that all of the component parts of the affiliates play within the NTT Communications group, we’re also able to combine the strength (sic) into one organization.” Clearly, the global leader in managed IT security services joining forces with the leading global Tier-1 IP network raises the bar to a whole new level.

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