NTT continues to dominate the cloud computing landscape and cement its status as the top global IT and telecommunications services company with its recent acquisition of cloud migration experts, Centerstance. The global telecom’s acquisition of the business consultancy bodes well for both parties due to the unique nature of Centerstance’s skill set. President and CEO of Centerstance, Arne Kainu had a lot to say about his company as well as the acquisition when we sat down to talk with him. We asked the CEO to discuss specifically where Centerstance’s strengths lie as a consultancy.

Mr. Kainu opened the discussion by stating, “In the SaaS space, in the kind of application layer of the cloud, that’s where we’re pretty deep.” He went on to describe the company’s commitment to keeping up with the constantly developing sector of SaaS solutions, including the top integration products and platforms. Another area where Centerstance is highly involved and up-to-date is that of what he terms “the pretenders.” He went on to explain, “Every enterprise software company out there is working on their own cloud strategy and trying to make sure that they’re going to be relevant moving forward.” Centerstance is able to evaluate these companies’ cloud offerings in a timely manner in order to determine their nature and status as true cloud offerings or simply premise-based products. Mr. Kainu is proud to bring these skills and a rich SaaS experience to the NTT table.

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