Through its recent acquisition of Centerstance, NTT can now offer an even more robust, comprehensive solution for clients in the market to join the cloud. And with NTT’s massive network and extensive global reach, Centerstance, a consultancy business taskforce that specializes in helping clients migrate to the cloud, will be able to offer a complete portfolio of cloud solutions, from strategy to implementation and beyond. President and CEO of Centerstance, Arne Kainu sat down to talk with us about the acquisition and discuss the ways in which his company will be enhancing the offerings already available through the telecom giant. Specifically, we asked Mr. Kainu to describe Centerstance’s unique approach to cloud migration. 

According to Mr. Kainu, the key to cloud migration is strategy. In our discussion, he chose to use the example of application rationalization to illustrate his approach. “The fact of the matter is that all of these enterprise IT shops have many, many, many hundreds of…business applications,” he explained. The applications, he described, can be strategic or departmental or neither, but all of them have a natural lifecycle. What is unique about Centerstance is that they are “well-positioned and well-experienced” to guide the necessary discussions with CIOs about effecting the change that they desire for their company. Centerstance is there to address the pragmatic questions of timeline and cost and customer satisfaction. The CIO is in a position that demands he or she “guarantee…that those applications will continue to run uninterrupted and serve a need for the business.” The role Centerstance plays involves guiding the CIO through those conversations as the transition to the cloud takes place.


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