In recent years, the increase in Cloud popularity has been remarkable. OpenStack, CloudStack, Cloud Foundry, and other advancements in cloud computing have become a key focus for IT industries, system engineers and communities.

OpenStack and CloudStack are both open source-based cloud platform software that manage servers, networks and storage. They offer on-demand portal services that provide virtual server (VM) and storage capabilities that are specified in response to user requests. Cloud Foundry, which is open source-based cloud platform software in the PaaS layer, functions independently of the IaaS layer and supports multiple development languages such as Java, Ruby and Python. It also supports development frameworks in accordance with open standards.

In Japan, there is an active exchange of information between the community, individual operators and developers from the Japan OpenStack User Group (JOSUG), the Japan CloudStack User Group, and the Japan Cloud Foundry Group. In order to promote the dissemination and utilization of the technology-based open source cloud platform, on February 3, 2012, five parties – the Cloud Utilization Promotion Agency, Open Cloud Campus, Cloud Business Alliance, Information Initiative Center Hokkaido University, and NTT Communications – founded the “Open Cloud Demonstration Experiment Taskforce.” The goals of this taskforce are to provide a higher quality of cloud services, to promote interoperability experiments with open source implementation, and to share their expertise industry-wide.

With the rise of open standardization of cloud services, and the announcement of NTT Communications’ Global Cloud Vision in October of 2011, NTT Communications released a cloud stack-implemented public cloud service called “Cloudn”. This technology, co-developed with Verio, was released on March 30, 2012 at data centers in the U.S. The service at the NTT Communications data centers in Japan began on June 27,2012. The low price and rich API have attracted many users in both Japan and the U.S.

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