Making data centers more energy efficient is a key priority for businesses these days. A recent study by CDW showed that for IT professionals who have a data center consolidation strategy, 43 percent see “green initiatives” as a top consideration. But success stories that show how energy efficient decisions can lead to tangible power and cost savings aren’t always easy to come by. The recently announced winners of the Uptime Institute’s Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards offer several good examples of how energy efficiency decisions can yield results for both the business and the environment.

NTT America, a global infrastructure services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (the company that sponsors this blog), and Vigilent, and intelligent energy management systems provider, won the award for facility product deployment. The case study of their initiative provides a clear picture of how companies can make smarter decisions in their data centers to improve efficiency and save money.

As an infrastructure provider, NTT Communications operates large data centers around the world, making data center energy efficiency a key priority. The company used the Vigilent system change its energy management at the company’s two largest North American data centers. The system uses dynamic, intelligent cooling optimization to shift loads from inefficient, rarely used cooling units to cooling equipment that has higher workloads. By helping NTT Communications move cooling to locations where it’s most needed in real time, the system increases energy efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint of its data centers.

In fact, NTT Communications said it expects the system to help reduce electricity consumption by more than 7.6 million kWh and carbon emissions by 8.8 million lbs. in North America each year, for a projected $630,000 in annual energy cost savings.

NTT Communications and Vigilent will accept the GEIT award at the upcoming Uptime Institute Symposium in Santa Clara, Calif., May 14-17, 2012.

“Working with Vigilent, we brought real-time energy management to our two largest North American data centers with significant carbon emission and energy cost savings, as well as improving our uptime stability,” Tarif Abboushi, vice president of data center infrastructure for NTT America, said in a press release.

As the NTT Communications case study shows, making energy smart decisions can be a boost to a company’s bottom line. But uses more efficient technology is also a responsible environmental decision for companies that operate large data centers. According to Pike Research, use of energy efficient technologies in the data center, such as the Vigilent system used by NTT Communications, could help limit total data center greenhouse gas emissions by 13 percent through 2016.

NTT Communications and Vigilent will accept the GEIT award at the upcoming Uptime Institute Symposium in Santa Clara, Calif., May 14-17, 2012. The companies also will present a case study about their data center energy efficiency initiative. Other winners of the GEIT awards included Facebook for its Open Compute Project and Bell Canada and Urbacon Architecture for innovation in facility design.

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