Carrier Ethernet is all the rage, having recently surpassed all other legacy services in terms of total installed bandwidth in the U.S. It is now the fastest-growing wireline service in the U.S. and beyond.

So says Rick Malone, principal and co-founder of Vertical Systems Group. Malone has been watching the telecommunications market for some 25 years, so knows of what he speaks. In this installment of the Upfront interview series, Malone talks about the trends behind the numbers and why he expects the carrier Ethernet market will eclipse $40 billion in 2015.

He also offers ideas on what to look for in a provider of carrier Ethernet services and explains why we’ll be seeing ever-greater Ethernet speeds along with support for Ethernet connections to more and more services, including cloud offerings.

Take a few minutes now and listen to what this industry expert has to say about carrier Ethernet – it’ll help you plan your own strategy for taking advantage of this important component of your service portfolio.

Rick Malone by NTTCom

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